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Technical Services

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Gerun Technology Department is committed to providing customers with comprehensive technical support and technical services for dust removal system solutions, and providing customers with necessary technical training services. According to the actual situation of the customer, the technical department strives to achieve "saving time, money and effort" for the customer and maximizing the work efficiency.

Site survey

1. Conduct on-site investigation and technical parameter extraction according to the actual situation of the user site

2. To provide customers with practical and effective dust removal system solutions for different production processes of users

3. Question answering technical support

Engineering construction project7b0800325b116b7ccea00bbce35413b7_9_8t9u.png

1. Installation of engineering project

2. On-site installation and commissioning

3. Test run

Technical Training

1. Provide industry technical training for users

2. Equipment operation and maintenance training

3. Provide the industry's latest technical training for users' operators and engineering technicians


1. Regularly inspect the operation of engineering equipment and systems

2. Technical support

3. Equipment debugging and maintenance

4. Spare parts supply

Spare parts supply

1. Assist users to confirm the specifications of required spare parts

2. Answer users' questions about prices and delivery

3. Provide spot stock for products used by users to meet the urgent needs of users

4. Provide you with safe and efficient freight transportation to ensure the safe and timely delivery of spare parts